Les 25 ans de l’AFPR


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Les 25 ans de l'AFPR : Présentation 

les 25 ans de l'AFPR

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Témoignage/Testimonial - - Prof. D.Sc M.Sc. Gideon N. Levy

Orselina, Tuesday, June 27, 2017
AFPR celebrates its 25th anniversary
Dear Alain,
Dear Georges,
It my pleasure and honor to congratulate the AFPR organization and you both in particular for the 25th anniversary.
Today we have to recognize your great contributions in the advancing and continues evolvement of “Additive Manufacturing” from very early days of “Rapid Prototyping” consistently and determined, believing in this technologies and its importance.
With your activities you have bridged knowledge and experience between:
 Industry and Academy,
 Users and Researchers,
 National and International,
Thank you all for your activities and your personal engagements, the international openness in favor of “Additive Manufacturicng” the “Innovations Enabling Space” of the future.
Thank you very much for the friendship and all the best wishes for the future!
Sincerely yours,

Gideon N. Levy
Prof. D.Sc M.Sc.
Additive Manufacturing and
Electro Physical & Chemical Processes

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