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The next conference will be held
on the 23, 24, 25th June 2015 at Ecole Centrale Paris

The European Forum on Additive Manufacturing
has been organized since 1992 by the AFPR


Prof. Alain Bernard
Ecole Centrale de Nantes


The European Forum on Additive Manufacturing, organised by the French Association for Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing (AFPR), will be held this year again at Centrale Supelec on the campus close to Paris. All the presentations will be plenary talks and will also be translated simultaneously both in French and English.
Every year, this event is the annual international conference, attractive for the national, European and international community. Three years ago, AFPR celebrated 20-year existence with most of the GARPA (Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations) representatives.  Last year, the event, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the first patent that started the history of additive manufacturing: the one in 1984 of Jean-Claude ANDRE, jointly with Olivier DEWITTE and Alain LE MEHAUTE.
Focusing on the direct production, the event is a unique possibility of meeting high international researcher to the service of the industrial sector. They will explain how additive manufacturing technics, linked to a complete digital chain, give unique possibilities in terms of diversity and complexity of shapes and material properties for parts and tools. New design methods will also be presented and illustrated by concrete demonstrations, showing the whole potentialities of additive manufacturing in order to decide where and how much material has to be placed, and consequently, reducing time, cost, energetic and environmental impact of objects manufacturing. Designing an object with respect to additive manufacturing capabilities should be based on new principles that fit new demand of a controled diversity of the products and of their properties.
In parallel of the conferences, the attendees will discover, on a large open-access demonstration area, a lot of parts and machines. Once again, machine manufacturers will present during this exhibition some of their technologies for the first time in France, even in Europe. Some end-users, service bureaux, material providers, software editors, research labs, all will show the richness and the today evolution of additive manufacturing domain.
In conclusion, this event will be, as usually, unique for the additive manufacturing community. The attendees will have an up-to-date information with a great benefit to help and increase innovation for high-value products. This is a major concern for all economical actors in order to support a sustainable industry in France and in Europe.
AFPR et Centrale Supélec hope to welcome you soon!

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